If you you are in the South-East Louisiana area, have a love for reptiles, want to learn more about different species, meet some new scaley friends, and get up-close and personal with some of our creatures – this is just the experience you’re looking for!

And the best part? WE will bring the creatures TO YOU!


Our Creature Experiences are perfect for:

  • Schools

  • Festivals

  • Libraries

  • Birthday Parties

  • Camps

  • & MORE!


Continental Creatures Party Package

Our Party Package is perfect for your creature-crazed kiddos Birthday bash! This package includes a variety of snakes, frogs, lizards, tortoises, tarantulas, millipedes, and more! Be prepared for a hands on experience with friends such as our 60lb tortoise Bowser, 6ft Boa Constrictor Pringles, argentine Tegu Chilli, and many more!

Fun facts about each animal will be shared throughout the show, such as where they’re from, where they live, and what they eat. Guests will also be allowed to handle and interact many of the animals (as is appropriate based on their specific needs). Photo-ops with our ambassador animals will also be available.

60 minutes
8-10 Creatures (at least 1 from each continent except Antarctica)
Best for less than 15 or less kids

Options & Rates

$250 Base Rate for 60 minutes.
$100/hour for each extra hour needed

$100 Non-refundable Deposit Required for all events.

Have special requests? Looking for something different or custom? JUST ASK! We’d be happy to create a custom quote for YOU!


Group Assemblies, Booths, & More

We offer a flexible selection that we can cater to anything from a small class rooms presentation to large assemblies. We also offer pop-up booths for festivals, parties, & other events.

Due to the nature of these events, please get in touch for a custom quote.


Looking for something different? We are flexible, and can cater our programs to fit your needs!
Contact us with information about YOUR event, and we can can get you a custom quote!



This is not an all-inclusive list, however, here are some of our featured friends that ou may meet at one of our programs!
Hover over each image to learn more about the animal!

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    Argentine Red Tegu
    Salvator rufescens

    Chilli is a red tegu born in Summer 2023! Tegus are known for being BIG, FRIENDLY lizards! She’s still young but is growing every day!

    FUN FACT! Chilli’s favorite foods include chicken, berries, and boiled eggs!

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    Mr. Sir

    Bearded Dragon
    Pogona vitticeps

    Mr. Sir was born in Nov. 2020. He is an Australian species of lizard, and one of the most common reptile pets!

    FUN FACT! Bearded Dragons were used as fictional yellow-spotted lizards in the movie “Holes.”

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    Common Boa Constrictor

    Pringles is usually the grand finale of our shows. He may be big, but he is a very friendly snake who is GREAT at giving hugs. 

    FUN FACT! Pringles only needs to eat around once every three weeks!

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    Sulcata Tortoise
    Geochelone sulcata

    Bowser is our male sulcata tortoise and weighs about 75. lbs. He’s friendly, and loves to have his shell scratched.

    FUN FACT! Sulcata tortoises can live for 100 years!

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    Banana Split

    Ball Python
    Python regius

    Barney is our young male ball python we got in winter of 2022. He is very friendly, and loves to be held!

    FUN FACT! Ball pythons are the smallest species of python in Africa!

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    New Caledonian Giant Gecko (AKA Leachies)
    Rhacodactylus leachianus

    Figment may be small, but he is going to grow be one of the biggest geckos in the world! He is an omnivore, and is EXCELLENT at camouflage!

    FUN FACT! Leachie geckos live high up in trees and eat bugs and fruit.

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    Hognose Snakes

    Plains Hognose Snakes
    Heterodon nasicus

    We currently have several, colorful, fun hognose snakes that are a lot of fun to interact with! They all have different personalities and LOVE to show off.

    FUN FACT! Hognose snakes are VERY dramatic and play dead when threatened.

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    Garter Snakes

    Garter Snakes
    Genus: Thamnophis

    We have several species of Garter Snakes, all different sizes, colors, and patterns! Garter snakes are one of our favorites to work with and are great pets!

    FUN FACT! Garter snakes are social and LOVE living with other garter snakes.

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    Amazon Milk Frogs

    Amazon Milk Frogs
    Trachycephalus resinifictrix

    Amazon Milk frogs are a tree frog species from South America. They are SO cute and fun to watch interact.

    FUN FACT! Milk frogs secrete a white substance from their skin when threatened.

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    European Legless Lizard

    He may look like a snake, but he is not! Why? Well we’ll explain all about that at your event.

    FUN FACT! These types of lizards are also known as “Glass Lizards”

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    Blue Tongue Skink

    Bandit is a big Indonesian lizard who is always a fan favorite!

    FUN FACT! He really loves to eat dog food!

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    Various Species

    We have various types of inverts that we can bring! Some include tarantulas, giant millipedes, dubia roaches, isopods, and more!

    FUN FACT! Dubia roaches are great feeder insects, and isopods are used for cleaning bioactive vivariums!


We get new additions all the time, and may end up with new animal friends not yet pictured! Please note that we do not bring every animal, every time. Who comes depends on the location, weather, event, and most importantly specific animal’s mood, health, and well-being.